Traditional Service & Sunday School - Sundays at 10:30am

For the first time visitor


When I arrive, what should I expect?

So now that you’ve learned a bit about us, maybe you’re considering joining us for worship. You’ve looked at your calendar and decided on a Sunday to stop by, but still that big question remains…

We here at First Congregational recognize that every church is unique and that worship in churches on the same street can be as different as night and day! Unfortunately, too often churches expect first time visitors to know what’s going on without explaining much, as though you’ve been attending the church for years!

That’s why we want to answer some basic questions you might have about our worship services and what you should expect upon visiting us. If after reading this you still have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you right away!

What type of worship do you have? Is it contemporary? Traditional?

Are we traditional? Or are we contemporary? Actually, the answer to both, is yes! We follow a traditional order of worship while adding in contemporary elements here and there.  If “contemporary worship ” means worship that is appropriate and meaningful for people who are living now, rather than people who lived 100 years ago or who will live 100 years in the future, then that's the type of worship we have here!

Traditional Service

10:30am - Sanctuary (main level)

This service is a more liturgical worship service, though by no means is it boring or dull! This service incorporates more liturgical elements that you might have experienced at other churches. We sing hymns from our hymnal and have a talented organist to compliment our worship experience. Our choir sings each Sunday during the school year, and this is also the service where children will be invited to participate in Sunday School halfway through the service. We draw upon familiar traditions that we find comforting, while still keeping the service energetic and life-giving. If you find liturgy and ritual comforting, this is the perfect service for you!

How do you celebrate communion? Am I allowed to participate?

We celebrate communion once a month, on the first Sunday. We take pride that First Congregational is an “open table” church, which means that everyone is invited to participate in this holy act. No matter what denomination you come from or how old you are, we believe that Jesus calls every one of us to his table – no exceptions.

First the bread is passed to the congregation, and you are invited to take and hold the bread until everyone is served, at which point we take it together as a symbol of unity. Following the bread, the grape juice is done in the same way. We have a gluten free option for communion available as well, for we don’t want anyone to be turned away from this table of love.

What if my kids get noisy or cry during church?

FANTASTIC! We at First Congregational celebrate the sounds of life in our church. We would rather have one hundred screaming babies in worship than the sound of silence, any day. We are also a breastfeeding affirming church, recognizing that the connection between mother and child is a beautiful and sacred thing. Children are encouraged to participate in the worship service as much as they want to, but if you want some time to focus on your own spiritual needs, our nursery is staffed with expert caretakers who are always ready to care for your little ones.

Do you have fellowship time or a coffee hour on Sundays?

Currently on hold due to Covid-19 pandemic.

We certainly do! While First Congregational is certainly a church, we are also more than that. We are a faith family. Whether you are joining us for the first time or have been attending here for over sixty years, the moment you walk through our doors you are a valued member of our family. That is why we encourage everyone to attend our coffee hour every Sunday to have a chance to join in fellowship outside of the worship service. 

We are incredibly proud of the lifelong friendships that are forged in our faith family. We have shown one another a level of support and care that surpasses simple friendship, time and time again. We invite you to become part of our faith family, so that you might come to know that no matter what problems or roadblocks may come your way in life, you will have a supportive family that will be with you at your side.

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