Children's Ministry

The mission of our Children's Ministry is to engage, equip, and encourage children and families to become alive in Christ and in the world.

Imagine a place where children are called by name. They are welcome in worship. They are given words of encouragement. They feel loved. They know and experience God's grace.
In Mark, Jesus says, "In order to enter the kingdom of heaven, you have to become like a child." We take the faith of kids seriously. Kids are not somehow less able to encounter God because they are younger. In fact, Jesus says quite the opposite; it's up to us grown-ups to become more like kids. We believe that kids learn from us, but we also believe we have valuable lessons to learn from our kids.

It is our belief that everyone in our congregation is a children's minister. From the volunteers in our ministry, to the parents who bring their kids, to the person who smiles at the child in the next pew, Children's Ministry is the responsibility of all of us. The mission of youth and children's ministry is to lead a continually growing group of young Christians toward life-long service to Jesus Christ. This mission is pursued through classes, worship services, events, and service projects to our community. Areas of work in this ministry include:

  • Assisting in youth group activities
  • Participation in worship service throughout the year
  • Participation in summer Vacation Bible Study
  • Assisting in church sponsored events
  • Preparing and serving food for our Hospitality with a Heart meal program

Children's Ministry isn't about having all the right answers. It isn't about teaching kids to have adult-like faith. It's about building a bridge between families and the church. It's about engaging our children, showing them the valuable place they play in our ministry, and helping them as they grow in their faith.

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